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Bay of Palma Tourism Guide - Magaluf Top Tips

There's a lot of common sense tips about on security in hotspot tourist areas particularly like Magaluf. Combine the elements of alcohol, losing your bearings, and lots of crowds and you might find yourself a little vulnerable so well worth looking through some of these tips before you set off.

Some of the best tips for what to watch out for can be found on the site. Check it out. Scams here include flowersellers, being conned out of your hire car, blocking of ATM machines and swiping your card, professional pickpockets, and some shops ripping you off by short changing you. Check out the link to the right for more details, and click on the warning box.

Enjojy Magaluf Nightlife

Magaluf top tips really apply to any lively nightlife holiday resort, or indeed nightlife hotspots in the UK like Blackpool or Manchester and Liverpool city centre, although the likelihood of a day of hot sun mixing with too much alcohol and dehydration is a little less likely in the UK! Where there's drink (over a 100 bars in Magaluff!), crowds and you've been in the hot sun all day, it's worth taking a little care in popular Majorca resort Magaluf.

In peak summer season this Majorca Bay of Palma resort is busy. Watch out for the odd pickpocket, don't take out more money than you need on a night out, and avoid carrying around passports and credit cards, leave them at your Magaluf hotel. Look after each other in your holiday groups, don't go wandering down to crash out on Magaluf or Palmanova's beach at 3 am in the morning. Swimming also is not a good idea when you've had a few drinks, especially alone. Wear an insect repellent when you go out - those mosquitos will be out and about!!

Many accidents abroad can be linked to over-consumption of alcohol. It's important to have both your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and good travel insurance in place before your holiday. For details check the link right to Majorca holiday essentials, and browse the Department of Health's Travel Advice website. Common sense in this busy Majorca resort will ensure your holiday is fun, fun, fun, rather than turning into a nightmare!

Photos of Magaluf Top Tips

Safety, lurv and peace in Magaluf!
Safety, lurv and peace in Magaluf!