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Majorca East Tourism Guide - East Majorca Caves & Coves

Majorca is renowned for it's many caves and coves, dotted about the island, including those at Arta and Del Drac. Most Majorca caves are open to the public and situated conveniently near many of the Majorca East resorts, and make great Majorca day trips. They've carved themselves into the soft limestone rock on Majorca, and although many are pretty commercialised and crammed with coach trips now their beauty amazes still. Some of them, like the Coves d'Arta are huge, which adds to the spectacle!

Some of the guide books have a good old dig at the heaves of tourists visiting the caves, but their popularity keeps them preserved and some of the lighting effects with accompanying classical music are really rather good. If you're along the East coast of Majorca for your holiday, take time to visit some of the caves. Two of the best are Arta and Coves del Drac. Drac has one of the largest underground lakes in the world, and watch out for the muscians floating on boats playing classical music. Fantastic!

Arta Coves

The Arta caves are located close to Capdepera, on the coast in the municipality of Arta in the Cap Vermell. These spectacular caves are surrounded by mountains looming over the sea. There's some rather interesting lighting effects in these caves. First you'll enter into a chamber known as the Vestibule or Entrance Hall, and here you're greeted with countless stalactites hang from the high arched roof. Tall stalagmites rise up from the floor. It's a stunning sight to be sure.

Opening hours in May to October are 10am-6pm, and November to April they're 10am-5pm. The visit to the caves lasts between 25 and 40 minutes. Only one group can enter at a time, approximately every half an hour. Guided visits are conducted in Spanish, French, English and German. From the entrance, access is gained to the Vestibule and from there to the Queen of the Columns, and a lofty stalactite 22 metres high.

Next is the Chamber of Hell where there is a 3 minute light and sound spectacle. We then reach the Chamber of Purgatory and after visiting the chambers of the Theatre and Organ we reach the Chamber of Flags. The guide strikes three columns, each of which emits a different tone. We then visit The Elephant and on the way back to the exit we pass by the Diamond Stones which resemble gemstones as a result of their carbon composition. At the exit there are spectacular views over Canyamel Bay.

Addmision from Font de sa Cala is 10 euros, and Admission from Cala Radjada is 12 euros. Admission to all our facilities for children under 6 is free of charge. Discounts are available for groups, tel: 971 841 293. Coves d'Arta, Ctra. De las Coves s/n, Canyamel.

The Caves of Hams

The Hams Caves, situated on the Porto Cristo-Manacor road, are most famous for their peculiar arborescent formations, and for the spectacular underground lake. Again these caves have a brilliant electric lighting spectacle going on, and bonus enjoy a classical music interlude from the musicians on a boat on the underground lake! It's actually quite good.

Visits to The Caves of Hams are made in small groups, accompanied by guides-interpreters, who ensure an informative and pleasant visit.The Caves are placed on the Manacor/Porto-Cristo road, 1 Km. from Porto-Cristo, and are open every day. Coves d'es Hams, also in Porto Cristo is situated at Ctra. Porto Cristo-Manacor, km1, tel: 971 82 09 88.

Majorca Coves on the East Coast

Other Coves along the coast include Coves del Drac, Ctra. De les Coves s/n, Porto Cristo, Tel: 971 82 07 53. Open from March to October, 10am to 5pm daily. From November to February open 10.45am to 1pm daily. Admission is about 8 euros, but free to the under siexes.

Torre de Canyamel, Ctra. Arta-Canyamel, km 5, Tel: 971 84 11 34. Open April to October 10am to 6pm Tuesdays to Sundays. Admission about 3 euros and 1.50 euros/concs.

Coves del Drac are particularly popular, and notable for their huge size. The stalagmites and tites here are spectacular and cover the roof and base of the cave. There's a massive natural amphitheatre here, and one of the world's largest underground lakes. Not to be missed! Your treated to classical music again by the muscians on the boat as with the caves at Arta. What treats!

Photos of East Majorca Caves & Coves

Arta Coves and Caves on the East Coast of Majorca
Arta Coves and Caves on the East Coast of Majorca
Glorious views out to sea from Arta's Coves and Caves, East Majorca
Glorious views out to sea from Arta's Coves and Caves, East Majorca