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All Balearics Tourism Guide - Balearics & Majorca Weather

The weather in Majorca and the Balearics experience a Mediterranean climate which means good high hummidity combined with not too extremely high summer temperatures, mild and sometimes wet autumns and pleasant cool winters with temperatures rarely drifting below zero. The year round average temperatures for Majorca and the Balearics is 21 degrees centigrade on the coast, with Menorca slightly lower at 20 degrees centigrade.

Sunshine days per year are good, working out to about 300. Unlike the Canaries however, Mallorca with it's Mediterranean climate experiences cold and wet weather from October to February so a beach holiday in Majorca in October is not a good idea, although it's perfectly for walking and cycling inland.

Weather Forecast in Majorca

Taking a closer look at Majorca's weather and Majorca temperatures, this Mediterranean island has between 450mm and 650mm of precipitation/rainfall annually. Most of it falls in autumn, 40% of it to be exact between the months of September and November; with only 25% falling in the spring months between March and May. Hence, the cyclists and walkers often come to Majorca and the Balearics in the Spring. Only 25% of the rainfall falls in winter, from December to February, with the peak summer months from June to August getting only about 10% of the annual rainfall. To add to this, it's not necessarily the same pattern every year in Majorca, as the rainfall can vary and some years may even experience drought conditions!

The weather in Alcudia Mallorca or Palma Majorca in the autumn months particularly can be most unpredictable. Often the rain in autumn falls heavily for a concentrated number of days, so if you've booked for a week and this occurs it can be a bit of a blow. If you're on a cultural Mallorca or Balearics trip, visiting museums and art galleries especially in Palma the rains will be less of an issue.

Temperature predictions from various sources do vary, but overall around the Majorca coast (excluding inland Tramuntana mountain areas) the average annual temperature floats between 16ºC and 21ºC, shooting upwards in summer to an average of 29-31ºC. Winter night-time temperature are around 5-9ºC, but Majorca being somewhat unpredictable can see temperatures over 35ºC and below -2ºC at some points during the year. Majorca temperatures have even occasionally been recorded as reaching upto 41ºC in summer and falling to a low of -6ºC in winter.

Average Temperatures in Majorca

Majorca's Mediterranean climate is an attraction to many, with Summer temperatures not too oppressive, and winter mildness making the Balearics the perfect location for city breaks in Palma, or walking tours of the West Coast around beautiful Deia. Humidity in Majorca and the Balearics oscillates around 70% during the year. The good humidity and temperatures combine to offer a soothing holiday climate - great for the Brits not used to extremely high temperatures. Indeed, many Spanish mainlanders come to Majorca and the Balearics out of the peak season, and if you visit Majorca resorts in Spring Alcudia, Magaluf and other Balearics hotspots have a much more Spanish feel! Sunshine days are excellent, with around 300 days of sun per year, with an average of about 5 hours sun a day in winter and more than ten hours sunshine in the summer months.

Majorca weather around the coast is better than inland, with prevailing winds coming mostly from the south-west. Average yearly atmospheric pressure is 758.7 mm. Average temperatures for Majorca on a monthly basis tend to run as follows:

Majorca weather in January - maximum 13°C, minimum 4°C. Mallorca weather in February maximum 14°C, minimum 5°C. Majorca weather in March maximum 16°C, minimum 7°C. Majorca weather in April maximum 17°C, minimum 8°C. Mallorca weather in May maximum 20°C, minimum 12°C. Mallorca weather in June maximum 24°C, minimum 16°C. Mallorca weather in July maximum 27°C, minimum 19°C. Mallorca weather in August maximum 28°C, minimum 19°C. Mallorca weather in September maximum 26°C, minimum 17°C. Mallorca weather in October maximum 21°C, minimum 12°C. Mallorca weather in November maximum 17°C, minimum 8°C. Mallorca weather in December maximum 14°C, minimum 6°C.

Winter Temperatures in Majorca

Mild Winter temperatures in Majorca make this Mediterranean Island and the other Balearics ideal destinations for city breaks, walking breaks, specialist cycling holidays in the mountain regions, or how about touring the monasteries and various vineyards.

In winter the weather in Alcudia Majorca and other coastal resorts rarely falls below zero, and in the north of Majorca there are many cultural beauty spots to visit such as Soller with it's superb specialist shops and attractive centre, or Arta and Pollenca.

Palma, the capital of Majorca makes the perfect Winter city break offering a host of contemporary art galleries, museums, a spectacular cathedral and a choice of superb restaurants, cafes and bars. A trip to Palma off peak in the mild spring and winter months see cheaper rates on accommodation - so what are you waiting for!

Weather in Alcudia & Coastal Resorts Mallorca

The weather forecast in Majorca is influenced by the sea - making the coastal resorts of Majorca particularly appealing. Water surface temperatures can reach 26ºC in August and stay well above 14ºC in winter. For those that didn't know, Mallorca is the only location in the world where the temperature at the sea bed never drops below 13ºC. Majorca's temperatures then vary from the nearby mainland which cools much more dramatically in winter. The sea in effect regulates the Mallorca's climate and resulting in less marked seasonal variation in temperatures.

Visitors to Majorca and the Balearics often comment on the wonderful sea breezes which take the edge off the head. Mallorca´s sea breeze is called the Embat, and it's locally formed caused by the contrast between the daily heating of the land means that air heated above land tends to rise up, allowing cooler sea air to be dragged towards the island. It's the Embat wind that takes the edge off the temperatures, giving a much more pleasant feel to the summer climate.

Majorca Rainy Season

The particular point to note about the weather in Majorca is that most of it's annual rainfall comes in a short period - between September and November, as George Sand and Chopin found out in their 'Winter in Mallorca'!

To avoid the rainy season look to late spring around March and April for English summer temperature averages of 17 degrees centigrade as a maximum, and 5 degrees minimum. Many cyclists and walkers come to Majorca during this period, heading west for the mountains and rugged coastline.

Specialist holidays in Majorca, particularly on the outdoor activity front, in March and April are highly recommended. If the rain doesn't worry you on a specialist holiday to Majorca then the autumn months may suit, as you'll often find much lower rates for accommodation from the end of September to November, and into Winter in Majorca.

Photos of Balearics & Majorca Weather

Majorca Resorts in Peak Summer - Magic!
Majorca Resorts in Peak Summer - Magic!
Majorca Summers & Family Holiday Waterparks, a great combination
Majorca Summers & Family Holiday Waterparks, a great combination
Majorca golf, perfect in cooler sunny Majorca April weather
Majorca golf, perfect in cooler sunny Majorca April weather
Fornells, North Menorca Diving in Summer Sun
Fornells, North Menorca Diving in Summer Sun
Majorca Cyclists relaxing in Arta in late Spring
Majorca Cyclists relaxing in Arta in late Spring